I flew to Australia from NZ in 1987 with an engineering degree and 10 years working as a welder.  I have since been witness to the gradual collapse of Australia’s manufacturing and its world-class expertise.

And I’ve certainly contributed my fair share to resource extraction and consumption having worked in heavy fabrication, downstream/upstream offshore/onshore oil and gas, chemical manufacturing and hard rock metal mining (here and overseas).  I’ve seen what it takes, the impact it makes and I understand a fair bit of the technical stuff.

I’ve lived in Preston since 1989 and have seen the passing of the folk who first built the houses then bred here.  Our house was the second to export pv to the grid in Melbourne, and for better or worse, now has a standalone solar-battery system.  The house is passively heated, water harvesting and unfinished (I’m getting there; but spending time learning WordPress and writing this crap is not helping (nor is getting older)).

And its not like I’ve been a total slouch on the environment front; I’ve been an active member of DCAN for years, planted, water tested in Darebin, fought (and continue to fight) the mindless overdevelopment of our suburbs and obliteration of food producing backyards.

Every month for years I’ve been recording our monthly consumption and production of energy and water; I reckon I’d be one of those pain in the arse Councillors wanting to know everything and asking questions.

I think this video quite funny (wry commentary), I don’t think its racist but is certainly speciest