No pledges or platitudes here, in fact quite the opposite.  You’re not going to like my policies (even I don’t) but I’m not shying away from them either.  The fallacy of infinite growth on a finite planet is becoming obvious.  The hardest part of collapse lies not with perceiving it happening but with the emotional difficulty of accepting it (and then acting on it).  I’m not going to lie to you that our lifestyle can be sustained with ‘100% renewables’ or be ‘fossil free’, plenty of other candidates are happy to feed you that bovine manure. 

Me, I’m anchored in engineering realism for I’ve spent much of my working life delivering us the Earth’s resources to consume, whilst endeavouring to build a sustainable house and connected community.  The second law of thermodynamics trumps the laws of economics that serve the wealthy elite, developers and career politicians, as well as the cabal of climate activists, technofascists, financiers and economists whose solution to the climate emergency and environmental degradation is not just to build more, but to build it faster.  Just like more debt is the solution to an economy drowning in debt. 

No more fake economy built on gambling and population growth to enrich scorched earth developers and their construction mates building little boxes made of ticky tacky.  It’s urgent we focus on forming resilient local communities, neighbours knowing neighbours and businesses local.  The pandemic has shown that we can adapt our minds and change our doings.  Making do with less. 

As a Councillor my guiding principle will be ‘Ensure this will not be to the detriment of Darebin residents in 50 years time’.  And my policies? no shortage of them; they await your disbelief and outrage at  

Also, vote for other genuine independent candidates, not self-serving political parties.