Those are my ideas for degrowth. It’s been hard to come up with practical suggestions for degrowth when many people I’ve approached can’t even engage with the concept, let alone think about practical things to allow degrowth in a controlled manner.

However, I’m sure you’ll have better ideas.

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  1. Hendrik

    To make more bike friendly, it works be desirable to have a grid of bicycle roads Criss Cross the council area, for instance reserve one lane of High Street and Plenty Rd for bicycles, and do the same for Bell St, Gower, Murray, Wood Streets. Of course, needs to be all the way through and not disappear around Preston market.

  2. Chris

    Enough electioneering on “Unlocking Northcote Golf Course”. If the Greens were serious about Open Space, they’d be talking about the whole of Darebin, which would include the future of Strathallen Golf Course and not Bundoora Park as this is State owned and not part of Darebins Open Space Strategy!

  3. Anitra Nelson

    Another degrowth advocate just referred me to this site. I really like it. I co-authored the recently released EXPLORING DEGROWTH: A CRITICAL GUIDE book with French/international degrowth advocate Vincent Liegey ( Please make contact with me Craig: happy to supply you with a free copy of the book.

  4. Kirk Hall

    Hi Craig, Congratulations on a great website and for being a Degrowth candidate!
    I would love to have a chat. Please email me and I will give you my phone number, or send me a PM on facebook.

  5. Michael

    Hi Craig. Fellow Darebin resident and host of ‘Post Growth Australia Podcast’. It is really refreshing to see a candidate running on a degrowth platform. Would love to engage with your further on this very issue.

  6. Martin Tye

    As Director of the Australian Regional Communities Branch of the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy I applaud your stance. Degrowth in the scale of our economy of course facilitates real “growth” in all the things that matter (community, family, environment, even economic sustainability). Good Luck!

  7. Vicky Kotsu

    Hi Craig, I am helping my mum and dad vote for council elections, we will be putting you No 1 we like what you are fighting for. I was wondering if you can help us with the rest of the candidates who to put 2nd 3rd and so on. Can you please email me or I can give you my phone number.

  8. Susan

    Hi Craig,

    Thanks for putting the time into a range of policies – more than I’ve seen any candidate offer in council elections.
    Like the BFPLH idea!!
    Thanks for introducing me to John Cadogan. interesting comments about electric vs internal combustion engine vehicles. Having listened to a range of Indigenous peoples, it just isn’t true that life was short and harsh prior to the hydrocarbon economy. Many, though certainly not all, indigenous groups knew how to have very satisfying, healthy, long lives with minimal hours spent gathering food or making housing or needed objects. About 20 hours per week wasn’t unusual. Of course the destruction and stealing of environments required for those lifestyles means it isn’t doable now, but my point is John Cadogan’s not necessarily right about life having improved due to hydrocarbon.
    In your Aboriginal Darebin section I’d like to see you consider council paying the rent to Indigenous Australia in some meaningful way. We non-indigenous folk are living on stolen land – not our fault, just uncomfortable fact. Apparently you are interested in uncomfortable facts?
    Crows could be added to Indian Mynas as problematic local birds, Has to be some environmental reason the crow population has sky rocketed in the last few years. I’m yet to find out why.
    Note that the link is broken for “Why the Renewables Rocket has failed to Launch”. Sounds interesting.

    1. admin

      Wow you take the cake for interest – and last minute too!
      I’ve seen Indian Mynas drop into a nest – to see if there are any eggs to throw overboard so the naturalists say
      “it just isn’t true that life was short and harsh prior to the hydrocarbon economy” hot showers are the epitome of modern life, but my never ending bath beats all
      Thank you for your thoughts

  9. Pamela

    Ok, Dear Kiwi,
    2 names that have been among those you are now emerging with: Franklin Lopez Watch his movie: End: Civ at from Sacred Fire magazine 2012, issue 16. Award-winning director, He is available to speak at screenings in person or on Skype+. Also, Derrick Jensen, author of 20+ books — A Language Older than Words, Dreams, What We Leave Behind,+++ Surely, by now this is a global, perhaps quiet, movement…..

  10. chiffon

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